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by Cecile Wilberforce

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Hope, prayers and dreams are found in every heart. We all long for goodness, truth, comfort, beauty and righteousness, which can only be found in Jesus. Inspired by the Bible, Cecilia Urzúa composed these songs, aiming to express these longings of the soul and to reveal God as the only source of life.


released August 4, 2012

Vocals: Cecilia Urzúa.
Cello & Guitar: Ardie van der Knijff.

Arranged and produced by Ardie van der Knijff.


tags: experimental


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Cecile Wilberforce

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Track Name: Refuge
You who sit down in the High God’s presence,
spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow.
Say this: “God, You’re my refuge
I trust in you and I am safe”

His huge outstretched arms
protect you

Evil can’t get close to you
because God’s your refuge

Sorrow and pain will be washed away
His joy is poured out
We’re delivered from sin.
The morning has come
Now it’s time for our King.
Behold the sky
You who thirst,
it’s time to drink.

His huge outstretched arms
protect you
Track Name: Beauty Arises
Behold that day, O earth
when His feet touch the ground
Music sounds all around
Eternity is at the door
Beauty arises!
See the splendor like the sun
Fusion of heaven and earth

The sun has kissed the sea
The earth has touched the sky
Heaven’s met my heart
The surreal and real are one
Beauty arises!
Creation is a new piece of art
Fusion of heaven and earth

//Until you see this day of fusion
Until you hear my symphony //
Would you be mine?
Would you be mine?
Would you be mine?
and we answer:
Then, now and beyond.
Track Name: The Lilies of the Covenant
Deliver us from the death of our hearts
Deliver us from the foulness of our minds
Take us from the grave
Set your truth in us
‘cause we trust in your unfailing love

Deliver us from the chains of sorrow and despair
Deliver us from those who lie to every flesh
Cover them with shame
Let them know your name
They’ve destroyed with their poisoned words

Restore me, look down from the heavens
Watch over this vine, you planted with your hand;
this son of yours.
Save me, you’re the Lord Almighty
Shine your face upon me, look with favor on me
Oh, now I feel…

Your eyes consuming me
They look deep in my soul
and I have been set free
it felt like dying but your voice
called me to life
I’ve been awaken by the fire of your love